About Shannon

Shannon Sylvia, hails from the Boston, MA area. She appears on SyFy's Ghost Hunters International as one of the six investigators and has also appeared as a client on A&E's Paranormal State. She is currently a professional lecturer, ghost hunter all over the United States, graphic design agency president and she owns and operates a cakery. Her new book "Paranormal Unwrapped" is due to be released around Halloween in major book stores and online stores around the country.

Her experiences growing up in a small, historic town rife with paranormal activity sparked in her a strong interest in the field, and she has dedicated a great amount of time to investigating unexplainable incidents that for years plagued her parents' home, as well as her own.

Those domestic experiences with the supernatural led to Shannon's relationship with a TAPS family team. After several investigations conducted in her home and going through the proper training, she joined the team as a paranormal investigator. Moving on to join GHI, she continues to take every advantage of opportunities to expand her knowledge of paranormal investigating by lecturing at conferences, attending workshops, conducting residential and commercial locations and working with the best in the field. She has many new exciting projects in the works, stay tuned!

Shannon formerly danced ballet until the age of 26, holds B.S. degrees in Communications/Graphic Design and Fine Arts. She is self taught in piano, flute and violin. She enjoys spending time with her husband Jeff, her two Jack Russell terriers Jacky and Meadow, traveling, hanging out with friends, loves champagne, kickboxing, playing the Sims, Sim City and fishing. Her great-grandfather Frederick Sontag from Germany was an escape artist, psychic medium and tarot card reader.

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